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2007- August: Shenzhen Foresight Technology Co.,Ltd established in Shenzhen, the same time also set up "Foresight R&D Centers"(FRDC);

2007-September: Successful launch out the first Infrared Analog Camera with "Colin-科宁" Brand;

2007-December: Successful launch out the infrared camera color anti-jamming technology;

2008- January: Successful launch out the infrared camera technology- "super night vision enhancement technology I"(SNV-I) , lead the industry  revolution;

2008-February:Successful launch out the infrared series cameras night vision with little Color effect.

2008-March:Comprehensive upgrade the infrared camera series effect, color night vision effect soared to a peer leader;

2008-September:Successful launch out the constant power and wide-voltage input(12-36V) technology, to well protect the cameras during the high voltage environment.

2009-January:Successful launch out the industry's first White Light full-color night vision camera, got the customer high acceptance;

2009-March:  Launch  out a full series white light full-color night vision cameras,won  customer widespread praise and acclaim, causing the industry sensation;

2009-May:Successfully developed a filter switch module, same time introduction of the dual-filter switching infrared camera also called IR CUT Camera;

2009 -November: Take part in Shenzhen China, the 11th CPSE(China Publish Security Expo) , during this exhibition we are the only one to Show white Light camera manufacturers;

2009 -December:"Shenzhen Foresight Technology Co.,Ltd" official Change to Name"Shenzhen Foresight Science Technology Co.,Ltd" are more for the cctv security camera development;

2010-January:Successfully upgraded "super night visionenhancement technology I"(SNV I) to be "Super Night Vision enhancement Technology II"(SNV II);

2010 -May:"Colin-科宁" brand camera won national authoritative quality product;
2010-June:Won "2009 China Top 10 Security Innovation brand";

2010-September:Successful launch out the full range of Super powerful array LED infrared and white light camera, got the high sales volume;

2010-August:All the Products are success pass  CE, FC, ROHS certification, make the quality more better;

2010-August:Won "National Authority Quality of Qualified Products Enterprise";

2010-October:Successful launch out the network IP camera, the same time also come out white light network IP Camera;

2010-October:Won "Quality, Service, Reputation AAA Enterprise" 

2010-December:Won "China Safe City Construction Recommended brand"

2011-January:Launch out two million pixels network Full-HD Cameras; 

2011 -January:"Colin 科宁" brand camera won "The Product Quality Inspection Report"from the Ministry of Public Security and Police;

2011-January:Won" The National Security Engineering Construction Products";

2011 -February:
Launched out the industry's first intelligent white light high speed Dome PTZ Camera;

2011-March:All the camera are add the "Anti-static Prevent Lightning Strikes" technology, Greatly reduces the repair rate;

2011-April:Won "China Security Industry Famous Brand";

2011-August: The first one introduced the F15, F16 "spaceship-type" cameras, to subvert the industry has traditionally camera housing type appearance standard;

2011-September:Introduction of  2 million pixel 1080P HD SDI&HDMI camera;

2011-October:Take Part in "Global Sources" hold "China Sourcing Fairs-Security Products"
Also the first one to show the "white light Camera" manufacturer during the fair, got many customers interesting and liking;

Strike out to participate in the world biggest Security Fair- CPSE(China Public Security Expo), got the many cooperation chances during the fairs.

2012-January:Won "2011-2012 The Fourth 100 Honest Brand of Security Products Supplier"

2012 -Apirl:Launch out self-dependent innovation design White light, IR Intelligent Speed Dome Camera.

2012-March:Take Part in "Global Sources" hold "China Sourcing Fairs-Security Products"

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2.2015 Colin HD IP Camera…

2.2015 Colin HD IP Camera, NVR, AHD DVR  User manual book

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