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Colin white Light Technology
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Colin White light CCTV Camera Advantage:  
Celebrate Colin white light technology got chinese Patent Certificate
(Invention Patent No.: ZL 201110378844.6  Utility Patent No.: ZL 201120473948.0)

1. No Color Deviation During the daytime.
Color is more bright- colored, More true effect.

2. Real Color Image at Nighttime
Increase the color infos during the night,Higher sense of hierarchicy and discernibility,perfect recognition 
of peoples' portrait, under the cover of darkness. This feature is particularly important during investigation 
and evidence collection.

3.Low power, Long Life. Saving energy, well to protect the environment.
The Working White LED are using only 60% power ( IR Camera LED using 80% power), low calorific
value, are well to protect the camera, let work stably. Not only can help the users saving energy, but
also accord with global low carbon environmental protection trend. As the CCTV industry Primary energy efficiency products!

Got the Goverment "ENERGY LABEL"-LV1 certificate

4. Lighting and Warning function at Night
White light Camera using the high quality White LED specifal from Taiwang factory. 
Inside with green power- LED, which have thefunction of street lamp at night, also
its visible light can let people, easy to know it and help people preserve one's moral integrity.

Other special function introduce:/code
1. Super Night vision enhance the generation of technology II

We improve the function of absorbing more reflecting light by using higher lighting effeciency LED
diodes, Oversea Big Iris lens, enhance the brightness by improve theBack-end circuit for low-light
environment.Reduce noise interference to achieve the overall goodeffect of night vision. Now
adopt the SUPER HAD CCD II, More Enhance the level of night vision.so Called "Super Night Vision II

2. Constant power and wide voltage input Voltage(model Code:/C)
This function can support power voltage input between 12V-36V, keep power input and power
output Constant Invariable.

(1).The complete eradication of the input voltage instability (like:Voltage-surge, etc.) to harm the camera.
(2).Support long-term stability working during the DC power input voltage between 12V-36V, is the best
solution for centralized power supply.

3. Lightning Protection,Anti-Static 
Comprehensive protection, the camera power input and signal input. Using four heavy three
protective design protect circuit (Leakage, equipotential, auto Resume on power failure and
the shunt conductance load),help camera complete eradicate the hazards of lightning and static.

The First Inventor 
The First One improve for the domestic market
The Frist one improve to the oversea market
The sales over 56 countries or Area in the world
White light Camera No.1 Brand
....... Keep Moving forever! 

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